6S BOUTIQUE - Eyelashes - Saint Petersburg, FL
We carry a wide range of eye lashes.  The most popular eyelash being the 301 eyelashes and we have tons! We also have many other variety of eyelashes. Take a look there is something for you!

301 Eyelashes
Long Black Showgirl false eyelashes.
Price: $3.25
199's Eyelashes
Long and thick eye lashes.
Price: $3.25
101 Eyelashes
Shorter than a 301 but still with the same fullness. Great for smaller faces or for use with Kryolan Showgirl's!
Price: $3.25
302 Eyelashes
Here is a new addition to the 6S Eyelash selection! Awesome lash can be used as top or bottom lashes!
Price: $3.25
304 Eyelashes
Medium Black thick false eye lashes. Edgy and sassy!
Price: $3.26
316 Eyelashes
Another sassy and classy addition to the 6S Eyelash selection! These black lashes have a wing flare that just makes eyes that much more Sassy!
Price: $6.00
KRYOLAN "Showgirl"
Very popular eye lashes. These are very long and beautiful. SG1 (Black) available.
Price: $8.50
Glitter Band Eyelashes
Very festive and sassy lashes!
Price: $5.00
E61 Eyelashes
Think of these as a smaller version of the 301 eyelashes!
Price: $3.25
E62 Eyelashes
These are natural and classy, not too big, not to little, full and dramatic edges!
Price: $3.25
E76 Natural Eyelash
These are a bit smaller, great for women who want a little bit extra or for small faced queens!
Price: $3.25
Short Spider Bottom Lashes (99)
These eyelashes have great separation, are thick and not too long. Classy with a tad bit of sass!
Price: $3.25
604 Spyder Bottom Lashes
These are dramatic and great bottom lashes! Bigger than the 049's.
Price: $3.25
Exotic Fashion Bottom Lashes{Temp out of Stock}
These exotic Fashion Bottom only lashes are NEW and Sassy! Very dramatic, great for stage!
Price: $5.00
Sassy Classy Stone Eyelashes
These are the 316's with an added touch of Rhinestones!
Price: $6.50
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Blue Black Feathered Eyelash - NEW!
This is a sassy Blue and black feathered pair of eye lashes! Very dramatic!
Price: $6.25
EF314 Green Feathered Eyelashes
These are from our feathered eyelash collection! Fun and perfect for the holidays...think the Grinch!
Price: $6.25
Yellow Feathered Eyelashes
These are from our feathered eyelash collection!
Price: $6.25
Purple Feathered Eyelashes
These are from our feathered eyelash collection! Sassy and Classy!
Price: $6.25
E38 Natural Eyelashes
These are great for top or bottom eyelashes.
Price: $3.25
E501 Eyelashes
These are smaller top natural eyelashes.
Price: $3.25
E505 Eyelashes
These are small, top or bottom natural eyelashes
Price: $3.25
Sassy Glow and UV Eyelashes
These eyelashes are sassy and fun! Great for special events, glow parties, Halloween and more! Some eyelashes are glow in the dark, others are UV (Black light) reactive.
Price: $6.00
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Sassy Party Lashes
This group of eyelashes are very sassy, perfect for costumes, special events!
Price: $3.25 $1.75
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Pride Eyelashes{Temp out of Stock}
Its Pride month! Need lashes! We have them! Sassy Classy and at an awesome price!
Price: $3.00 $1.50